Your sexy side

Visualise your sexy side and fantasy


Looking at the topic, you know what we are going to talk about today. Before we start on how lingerie plays a role in your life, I would like to know the level of your understanding of lingerie.

Talking about lingerie, I bet you would think about something extreme, for example, the high exposure of body parts type—something kinky or shady. Yes, it is true. It is a kind of lingerie. However, the definition of lingerie is ‘undergarments’. In another word, it also means underwear—the bras and panties we wear every day. So, a woman is actually wearing lingerie every day and not only at night—which means we all can be sexy underneath even when we are at work or in any occasion.

So, what is the relationship between being sexy and lingerie? Why do I need to visualise my sexy side and fantasise?

Like what I said, we basically wear lingerie every day. There are different types of lingerie. Some with padding and some without; some are partially transparent and some have full coverage; some are made in plain cotton and some with thin laces. Everyone chooses different styles and textures of lingerie for different occasions. Talking about being sexy, every woman will have different definitions of sexy. However, the undeniable truth is that most women wish to look hot and sexy when trying on lingerie, even if it is only for her self-appreciation or to impress her other half.

Visualising your sexy side and fantasy is a good way to spice up an intimate moment. It is the same idea as when you see a plain chocolate cake and a chocolate cake with nice topping and decorations. To stimulate someone’s nerve, especially guys’ nerves, letting him see the hot side of you in sexy underwear is definitely a good way.

Moreover, apart from being sexy, some people may have some fantasies in their heads for long time. For example, some people like role plays: school girls, nurses, and cops being common themes. Some may have fantasies like S&M or seeing girls in stockings and heels. Trying on different type of lingerie is a good way for you to explore your own preferences for fantasy and find out what your partners like. And it also a way to show your partner what you want tonight. Tonight you want to be a nurse and tomorrow night you might want to be the dominant one in all leather lingerie.

To sum things up, lingerie is the icing on a cake. It spices up intimate times, gives you characters, and represents your mood and preferences. To be an attractive woman, it is time for you to visualise and appreciate your hot side and present it to him.

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