Photo shooting vaganza

Photo Shooting Vaganza


Ever thought how exciting a lingerie photo shooting might be? Well, think again and don’t allow me to disappoint you just that easily. It’s hard work, but yes, there is a fun part to it too.

We just concluded our first photo shooting session a few days ago, just ahead of Christmas Eve, a time for joy, love, family and peace, so why not jump into the mood and let it inspire the shooting session. It appeared to have worked well, since even after close to 9 hours of virtually uninterrupted photo shooting session, we all walked out somewhat exhausted but with a smile on our faces.

It all went well, and we all had fun.

What counts most is the crew, a well organised preparation, a nice studio environment, a makeup artist who drives a positive spirit with a natural looking makeup, lovely models, models who enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in what needs to be captured on frame, a photographer who has the right eye and lastly, the actual products. Not to forget, get some water, perhaps even a few sugar snacks. It’s going to be a long day after all.

The studio is right in the heart between Kowloon City and Kowloon Bay area in Hong Kong, located in an old industrial complex where it’s even suggested to not take the elevator but taking the stairs instead. A sign clearly reminds visitors to take the stairs instead of the lift for fear of not knowing how to operate the elevator correctly. I was up for it but fellow team mates suggested that I walk up as well . Inside though the studio has everything to offer, various themed rooms, an area for makeup as well as plenty of working equipment one would need for the task on hand. I even located a wall socket adapter for my EU power plug. I was impressed.

Appears like that we got it all right. Considering it was the first ever photo shooting we organized by ourselves, we are impressed with how well it went. It was exhausting but rewarding with a great deal of accomplishment, having completed one of the last steps before we bring AmoureLi Lingerie to Hong Kong.

A few impressions from the day.

Thanks to the wonderful crew including Marina @_marinahorbach_ Angelica @anhelika23
Nicola @nikolalines Abbi @wanwanyungg and Tony @tonyyphoto Get to know them and see their work on Instagram if you like.

Good to have a motivator around.

Oh, and I almost forgot, we have Theo, or Theodore how he calls himself. He is the guy who makes sure we got it all right, reminds us once we appear to be getting off from our track and who keeps us awake by constantly cheering us up or simply by talking. It’s great to have someone like him around. But, can actually guess who he is?


Let’s do this again soon.

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