Founder & Fashion Designer

AmoureLi is a lingerie brand established in Hong Kong in 2019. Evangeline, the Director of AmoureLi, is a simple Asian girl from Hong Kong. She always thinks that being a woman is more than just appearance, but that the choices of clothes you pick reflects your mentality and attitude to life. She is a perfectionist who has a really high standard for everything she buys, uses and puts on her body because every single detail of the item shows her quality and passions.

Growing up in Asia, sexuality is a taboo which people avoid talking about. Her parents told her not to put on sexy clothes for her whole life. As she grew up, she had to hide her sexy lingerie and sex toys at home because she would be embarrassed if such items were discovered by her family. However, once she grew up, she discovered her desires for all of these ‘taboos’.

She wanted to feel sexy in her own way; that is why one of her goals now is that she wants to be tempted when she sees herself.

She feels good when she puts on sexy lingerie which shows her curves, her attitude, her character and her soul. But why should we need to hide our natural and basic human desires? Every time when she goes on holiday in western countries, the first thing that she would buy would be lingerie—a rare find in Asia. Every single girl wishes to have a walk-in closet with a fancy lingerie collection like in Fifty Shades of Grey. However, not everyone can afford those classy, elegant, sexy and seductive branded lingerie. But WHY? Why must it be costly to be hot? Why should pleasuring yourself and your partners need to be expensive?

The more she gets to understand about women, the clearer she sees these problems. Everyone has their own unique attractiveness, but how to bring it all out?

One common thing of all attractive goddesses is that they all care about details. In her mind, she considers herself to be a gift. The moment she shows up to her ideal date, she puts on the best outfit that she has; it is totally the right thing to do. However, this is just the wrapping part of the gift. Please think about it now; how many times were you disappointed after you unwrapped a gift? You surely will still say thank you to the sender, but do you really like it or get excited about it? You know the answer. You need to understand the flow to go from appetizer to main course and desserts; none of the parts can be missing to attain a fully satisfied result.

AmoureLi is a brand that provides you all the solutions for different occasions.

From your work place, home and even your partner’s home. Here in AmoureLi, class and elegance are not directly related to price. We will make sure to bring your hidden side out and satisfy the desire in your head, and all at an affordable price. We provide different styles, characters, and functions of lingerie for all of you sweeties.

We all want to choose and want to be chosen. We are the sailors on the boat, so ride on it and we will take you to where you want to be. Let us make you be the most amazing date, girlfriend and wife your partner ever had and let us lead you to open the door of all the taboos and bring out the hottest soul of you.


Style Really Comes Down To What Makes You Feel Good.