From Sweet to Smoky

taste the taboos

AmoureLi’s collection is inspired by comfort, style, classiness and taboos. It is simply put into four tasty collections, from ‘Sweet’ to ‘Salty’, ‘Spicy’ and ‘Smoky’. Which one do you prefer? Taste the Taboos with AmoureLi.

The outside is strong enough to support and hold the melted chocolate inside. It’s like a dessert which you crave for after meals and gives you a sense of satisfaction which sublimates your mood. The design of the lingerie in this category focuses on supporting your bust. It has the highest coverage which gives you a sense of security in your daily life. Also, it gives a very high level of support to shape the bust and give you the best body curve to build your confidence.

‘Experience comfort as you would from a chocolate lava cake,’ is the meaning of the collection ‘Sweet’.

Taste Salty

taste the taboos

Classy-sexy is the aim of the category, ‘Salt’. The design will bring out your feminine side. This category has a few more layers to the design, especially considering the use of laces and transparency. You can build up different types of charisma you want with our designs, including romantic, classy, elegant or even cheeky. These lingerie pieces give you some room to explore yourself. It’s like the icing on the cake that helps to attract him and satisfy yourself. Classy-sexy is the aim of the category; the design will bring out your feminine side.

‘We add a little bit of salt to render food palatable, and our collection will do the same; arouse his appetite and he will never have enough.’

It is definitely the ‘battle suit’ for the first date—put it on and you will be ready for all ‘occasions’, 24/7.

Get Spicy

taste the taboos

Giving you and your partner the best visible temptation to spice up the game. The hottest moment of a girl is when she feels hot herself. Our ‘spicy’ category provides the largest, wildest variety for you and your partner to explore the taboos together. You can adjust the level of spiciness by adding some other accessories, based on your preferences. We have extremely sexy lingerie here and some cosplay for you to choose who you wanna be everyday. ‘Spicy’ helps you to recognise who you actually are and satisfy your actual desires.

‘Spices increase your heart rate, give you a running nose, and make you sweat—and yet, you will still keep challenging the spice level step-by-step.’

Let’s push the excitement to the max and create stories with your partner.

Be Smoky

taste the taboos

Smoky is the best lingerie for your man and you to discover the wildest mutual fantasy and we are here to supply all the spice you need for now and the future.

You can barely handle it—and yet you still crave for more. You push yourself to the limit and want to reach for more. When a girl appears in a piece of smoking hot lingerie in front of her man confidently, he cannot resist to explore more behind all of the smoke and mystery. We all want to expose the hidden sides of ourselves and explore the taboos. And so, we add more spice and make it even more smoky from time to time—until one day, we are at the peak of our enjoyment.

‘Smoke is released when it reaches boiling point. Everyone likes the mysterious and half-cleared atmosphere created by smoke.’


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