A guy’s guide to excite

Trust me, I know how to excite your partner


You want to surprise her with lingerie, don’t you? However, there is this haunting question, how and why should I get my girl a lingerie set; and what if I get it all wrong?

Well, first of all, you shouldn’t be haunted by such thoughts at all. Take it as a quest to appreciate your woman. Men typically face difficulties buying lingerie for their partner, especially when it comes to walking into a store. A store full of “strange stuff”. A store full of taboos. But again, don’t look at it as a taboo or something out of this world, nor strange. Lingerie is a part of her body, she, just like you, does wear something under the skirt or pants – or perhaps not – but that’s a whole different story to tell.

Whenever we wear an outfit, we would want us to feel good, that’s what matters first, and secondly we would like others to recognize and appreciate our style, perhaps even inspire in a way or another. If it comes to undergarments this isn’t much different from wearing our daily office outfit or casual gear. We simply want ourselves to feel good; even sexy or just cool, perhaps only normal. And that’s perfectly fine and absolutely ok. Nothing wrong, haunting or scary, wouldn’t you agree?

So what is it then that makes it difficult for us to get that special surprise for her? Well, we are in an area where we can’t base our decisions on experience, especially on our first attempt to buy her a gift in the form of a lingerie set.

Don’t be afraid, it isn’t that complicated and does not need to be embarrassing or scary at all once you pay attention to just these three simple details.

  • Make sure to get the size right – this is most crucial.
  • Know her colour preference – what’s hers and what isn’t hers.
  • Have a feel for her style, but don’t be limited by it, allow yourself to explore her limits

Now, these three steps may sound too easy to believe, especially when it comes to figuring out the right size. Think again, it ain’t that mystifying. Grab a bra and panties from her closet while she isn’t around or, if you have no direct access to her closet, go shopping with her for a simple top, a pair of shorts or a dress or anything really, just make sure to pay attention to what size she is buying for her top and for her bottoms. Yes, you need to know them both.

Now that you have that very important right size figured out, you may find yourself struggling to answer the taunting question “What cup size does she have?”.

And here is where it really gets complicated. Well, it either is, or it isn’t that complicated. I solved this challenge rather pragmatic and bold in a way. It may appear shocking, but it worked. So now you must be wondering what in the world did he do? Simple, I complimented here while looking at our photos we took together, but ahead of that I familiarized myself about “Bra Cup Size” on the mighty world wide web – the www – aka Google and others worked their magic. Finally I understand the concept of the ABC all over again. This time not for correct spelling but for judging my girl’s correct breast size and band length; although I have to admit, that a decent amount of uncertainty remained. But yeah, it was very well worth it and still an exciting endeavor and even fun to work myself into unknown territory.

My girl is petite, small, but not tiny, so is she an A, B or C size?

You have to make your best call here, if you’re wrong, it’s not the end of the world. Why – well, your are going to use your best judgement to ask her a question, or better, make a comment while looking at the vacation photos of you both. Tell her, “You look stunning in this photo, your lines came out nice, especially your sweet 32C”. I told you it’s going to be bold. But it helped; she was in fact surprised, stunned and impressed all at once and quickly confirmed my best call. Victory – it worked! Gosh, I was really relieved that I will never have to bring up this topic again. I now know, she buys M for her bottoms, S for her tops and she confirmed the 32C for her lovely bust.

Choosing the right colour and style should be a much easier quest. Don’t pick a light colour tone if her skin tone is relatively fair as well. Remember, opposites attract. What always works well are combinations between two colours, like black and blue or perhaps black and purple. White and red may very much compliment darker skin tones, but so does black. In fact, black does its magic for all types of skin tone, from fair to golden brown. And no, I am not a racist, I love all skin variations of all kinds, just to make sure you know. As for the style, here is where you can be creative and step over her usual boundaries, allowing yourself to consider your own preferences. Don’t be afraid of being in a part selfish, remember, she wants to be appreciated and inspire, so just go ahead and pick a style you would like to see her in, unless it’s far from her usual comfort zone. Remember, there are no taboos – just be creative while remaining classy and respectful towards her.

She’ll appreciate your effort, that’s for sure. And, she will tell you whether she likes your choice or not, if not in words, she will tell you in bed. It can be an amazing experience, so go for it and good luck in your quest.

And in case it all fails why not consider a gift card option instead? At least you won’t need to go through all the hassle but may miss the fun of it – it’s your choice.

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